Nokomis FL: Sarasota County's Hidden Gem

Explore Nokomis FL in our latest blog: stunning beaches, fun activities, and local charm await in this delightful seaside town!


Dan Z

4/25/20243 min read

swimmers at the Beach in nokomis fl
swimmers at the Beach in nokomis fl

Discover Nokomis, FL

If you've ever seen those breathtaking aerial photographs of Florida – the ones with pristine beaches, crystal blue waters, and maybe even a few dolphins – chances are you were unknowingly admiring a stretch of Sarasota County's coastline. This part of Florida's Gulf Coast is renowned for Siesta Key's soft quartz sand and Sarasota's vibrant cultural scene. However, there's a lesser-known treasure hidden away in this area that deserves your attention: Nokomis.

What makes Nokomis stand out?

Nokomis embodies the essence of old Florida. It's a charming blend of beach shacks and modern condos, with a refreshing lack of towering buildings and a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you yearn for leisurely beach days, crave outdoor adventures, or simply appreciate a breathtaking sunset, Nokomis has it all.

Here's why you should keep an eye on this town in Sarasota County:

The Beaches: Let's start with the obvious – Nokomis Beach steals the spotlight. It boasts a wide expanse of soft sand and calm, clear waters of the Gulf. It's perfect for swimming, sunbathing, hunting for seashells, and capturing those obligatory "toes in the sand" Instagram photos. North Jetty Beach, with its rugged charm, is a favorite among dog owners and anglers.

Old Florida Charm: Nokomis embraces its history and stands out from the crowd. Instead of chain stores, you'll find local boutiques, family-owned restaurants with a cozy and welcoming ambience, and a sense of community that is increasingly rare.

Immersing in Nature: Nokomis is surrounded by stunning natural areas. Explore the mangrove tunnels by kayaking in Oscar Scherer State Park, go bird-watching at the Venice Area Audubon Society's preserve, or bike along the Venetian Waterway Park, which is part of the renowned Legacy Trail.

Breathtaking Sunsets: If witnessing a captivating sunset is on your vacation checklist, Nokomis won't disappoint. Find a spot on the beach, perhaps with a local craft beer in hand, and witness the sky transform into a watercolor masterpiece every evening.

Things to Do in Nokomis:

A Perfect Combination of Relaxation and Fun Nokomis offers a perfect blend of activities to keep you entertained without overwhelming you. Here's a glimpse:

Water Adventures: If you haven't spent a few hours floating in the emerald green waters of the Gulf, can you truly say you experienced Nokomis? Rent a kayak or paddleboard, or look for cruises that offer dolphin watching, fishing charters, or sunset boat tours.

Fishing Excursions: Anglers adore Nokomis, and for good reason. Try your luck at the North Jetty, test your skills at the Venice Fishing Pier, or charter a boat for an offshore fishing adventure. Support Local Businesses: Nokomis has some surprisingly delightful shops. From beach-inspired home decor to quirky gifts and locally made art, it's the perfect place to find unique souvenirs or even treat yourself.

Experience the Drum Circle: Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, a drum circle gathers at Nokomis Beach. It's a community event open to everyone, whether you're a seasoned drummer or simply want to soak in the contagious energy.

Foodie Delights: Nokomis may be small, but it offers a diverse culinary scene. Indulge in fresh seafood shacks, casual cafes with stunning beach views, or even the occasional fine dining establishment to satisfy your taste buds.

Where to Stay in Nokomis Accommodation options in Nokomis reflect its laid-back vibe:

Beachfront Condos & Rentals: For direct beach access and those quintessential Florida vacation views, choose a condo or vacation rental. Many come equipped with full kitchens and screened-in balconies – perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee with a refreshing sea breeze.

Charming Motels: Nokomis has a few retro-cool motels that offer an affordable and nostalgic experience. Some even have pools!

Campground Retreat: If you want to immerse yourself in nature during your stay, Oscar Scherer State Park offers a campground with a tranquil atmosphere. Day Trips from Nokomis While you could easily spend your entire vacation enjoying the charms of Nokomis, its central location makes it an ideal base for exploring more of Sarasota County.